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Blog posts

Tips to Improve Customers Visit in an Exhibition

An exhibition is one of the effective ways to get potential customers. They can see directly products that we produce. We can interact freely with them. We can explain everything about the products we show such as price, delivery time, latest model, payment method and so on. Although at the...

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Animal Theme of Bali Silver Jewelry

Hi, welcome back at my blog. Today I will tell you about my jewellery update . And the theme of today is Animals. I had add some beautiful jewellery at my online shop that inspired from cute animals. There are funny cat, unique dragonfly, attractive seahorse and pretty butterfly. The...

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Beautiful and Unique Pearl and Mabe Pearl Earrings From Bali

Today is Saraswati Day. The one of Hindu's ceremony in Bali. Saraswati day is precious time for Hindu's people. The day mean that " knowledge was given to human from god" and almost people in Bali pray to temple. So, Saraswati day is a beautiful day for everyone. And now,...

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