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Today is Saraswati Day. The one of Hindu's ceremony in Bali. Saraswati day is precious time for Hindu's people. The day mean that " knowledge was given to human from god" and almost people in Bali pray to temple. So, Saraswati day is a beautiful day for everyone. And now, I will give some description of beautiful jewelry that I was added to my online store. I hope my story about beautiful earrings make you have a happy day.
There are some beautiful earrings combined with Pearl or Mabe Pearl. Balinese earrings always have exclusive style. Bali style earrings have a lot of fans around the world. Every details of Bali jewellery always attractive. Every kind of Bali earrings have unique design. You can compare them with another earring from different origins and you will know Bali earrings always have unique characteristics.

Balinese earring have traditional silver's wire pattern, that inspired from vines. People in Bali always integrate natural's value to every part of their life. Combined with little silver balls or 'jawan' make Balinese earrings so attractive. Make Balinese earrings need high concentration to arranged every detail and pattern. Balinese earrings combined with Pearl and Mabe Pearl also increase beauty value of these earrings. The Mabe pearl also have color selection, they are pink, white, blue, yellow and black. Much color of Mabe that combined with beautiful Balinese earrings definitely attractive everyone.
See ya at next story, bye.

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