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After returning home from the exhibition in the US, I would just have a break for 18 days at home. This is because I have to leave again for the next exhibition in Hong Kong. This would be the second time I participate in this Hong Kong exhibition. The first time I participated in the exhibition, it was held in September 2014. As in the last September 2014, I also share a booth with a friend this time. I do this merely to save costs because exhibition cost in Hong Kong is expensive. Understandably, exhibition booths in Hong Kong are very expensive. Today, I still have not been able to cover the cost of booth rental by myself yet. Then, the cost of hotel in Hong Kong is also very expensive. Moreover, because I am still new, I have not got many customers yet. Hopefully, someday, I will be able to rent a booth all by myself.

This exhibition is held by HKTDC. The number of my booth in Hong Kong is CEC 5G-A26 and the name of the exhibition is Hong Kong International Jewelry Show. This exhibition takes place at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. See you in Hong Kong.
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