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Balinese decorative style or designs are very unique with specific characteristic. Varieties of Balinese designs can be found on many forms of handicrafts such as sculpture, paintings, carvings, silver crafts, and many more. Those decorative styles and designs are legacies from their ancestors and still preserved well today. Tourists visiting Bali are the biggest fans of Balinese unique handicrafts and this is one reason why this legacy is still preserved.
Bali is among the top tourism destinations in Indonesia highly visited by local or international tourists. Most of them are not only just traveling for pleasure but also for business purposes. They bought Balinese handicrafts to sell them through their own business. Those business travelers are really know what kind of handicrafts demanded by their customers and that what they are looking for while they are in Bali. There are common cased that those business travelers are requiring new or bespoke design combining Balinese design styles with their own designs. This modern-traditional designs enrich Balinese decorative design styles creating innovative products.
The modern-traditional combination of Balinese decorative designs are thriving up. We can easily recognize it from the Balinese silver jewelries designs today. The characteristic of Balinese decorative style is still strong but the design is very much developing into many varieties.
The designs and styles of Balinese silver jewelries will be thriving more in the future following the global trends. However, there are craftsmen who are still preserving the original Balinese designs on their works. They are preventing themselves from the modern design styles in contrary, they are developing new decorative patterns based on original traditional decorative styles. They may be against the market trends but they have own distinctive market which is very loyal and with limited products they have, the price is higher. Have you been collecting Balinese styled jewelries?
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