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An exhibition is one of the effective ways to get potential customers. They can see directly products that we produce. We can interact freely with them. We can explain everything about the products we show such as price, delivery time, latest model, payment method and so on. Although at the present time, by the Internet all of these things are easy to do, but if we can come face to face with the customer it will give a distinct impression. Based on my experience of attending a lot of exhibitions, there are some tips that I want to share in order to have our booth crowded with customers.

1. Choose a Strategic Booth Position

Proper selection of booth position will support the chance of many potential customers visit. Try to get the front location for the booth, near the main gate, in the middle of the alley, or choose a location that allows our booth to have two open sides, so that it can be entered from two different ways. Such locations usually a bone of contention for exhibitors, and organizers will impose different charge for certain booth location. In this case we must be careful in counting the costs to be incurred in accordance with the budget we have to get worthy results.

2. Provide Sufficient Lighting

Every customer who visits should be able to see clearly every product that we show. Bali silver jewelry products that I exhibit, for instance, usually are small in size. Thus, they require adequate illumination. Organizers usually already provide standard lighting. If participants need additional lighting, organizers already provide it for a certain fee. We can also bring and use our own lighting equipments as long as they meet the security specifications set by the organizers.

3. Arrange the Goods and Products Interestingly

The goods and products that we exhibit should be arranged neatly. Use visual aid kits to make our goods and products look more attractive.

4. Serve Every visitors Well

Customers that are served well and fulfilled their wishes will certainly feel satisfied and can become our regular customers. They even would recommend our products to friends and relatives. We must be friendly and greet every visitors coming. Give the impression that you can meet their needs.
To be able to serve customers well, we must master well all aspects related to our products, such as the production process, the materials used, delivery time, price and others. All of that things we should be able to explain precisely and convincingly.

5. Take advantage of the Promotion Media Provided by the Organizers

Often organizers provide promotion media that we can use to attract more visitors to visit our booth. The media can be in the form of banners mounted in strategic places, company advertisement in the exhibition guide book, the name of the companies and booth numbers using certain fonts in the list of exhibitors in order to attract the attention of prospective customers. Some of those are paid services. The prices may be adjusted with the budget we have.
You can also create various forms of promotion techniques at your booth, such as special discount only during the exhibition.

6. Open Booth Earlier

Each exhibition have different show times. Organizers usually allow exhibitors to enter the arena early. It is intended to participants to prepare their booths before the exhibition open to public. The allotted time should be utilized as good as possible so that we are ready when the exhibition open to public. Do not let visitors pass your booth for it still not been settled yet or even still closed.

7. Provide Snacks

Provide a little snacks, such as sweets, cakes, chocolates and drinking water. It can make prospective customers feel comfortable. You can offer them snacks while explaining the products. It might be just a little courtesy, but it can increase our familiarity to customers.

That's all the tips of mine and I hope they will give benefits. If you have other tips, please be kind to share.

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