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Hi, welcome back at my blog. Today I will tell you about my jewellery update . And the theme of today is Animals. I had add some beautiful jewellery at my online shop that inspired from cute animals. There are funny cat, unique dragonfly, attractive seahorse and pretty butterfly. The animals shaped pendants are so creative jewellery. Each pendants have beauty pattern. Every silver's wires pattern and little silver balls pattern combined to make the animal pendants look so real. Exactly same.

Animal pendants from Bali always have unique characteristics, that make the pendants look different if you compared them with another animal pendant from another region. You can imagine how wonderful you are when the pendant hanging on your necklace. It is so great and nice! That was the excellent of jewellery from Bali. Awesome!

I think natural beauty always be respected by every people. And the animals are part of the natural beauty.

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